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What Really Works in Beauty: #1 Attitude.


 Don’t Act or Dress Your Age

Almost everything we do is based on appearance.
The pursuit of beauty is as old as time.
Cute babies are held longer.
We love flowers for their “Beauty.”

Every beautiful woman that I have interviewed seemed to possess the same trait: agelessness. If I hadn’t been privy to their backgrounds, I would have been hard-pressed to put a “number” on them.

You know who these women are – you’ve seen them in a magazine or on TV. You know they are about your age, but they look so much “better.” Don’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that they’ve had extensive plastic surgery. That is not always the case.

How do you begin your own “timeless” appearance?

Pick up a magazine that might be geared to a different age demographic. Shop at a different store or department than you usually do. Find a mentor, someone whose style you’ve always admired, to help you develop your new look.

Learn to Forgive

Get back to self-acceptance. Did you break your diet? That just means that you are human. Why is it that it’s so much easier to forgive others and not ourselves?

Let it go! When you overspend a bit, maybe that’s just what you needed at that time to build your spirits. If you find it difficult to forgive others, remember that even the most well-intentioned person can hurt your feelings. Don’t dwell on it.

Don’t let it stay with you, or it will convert itself into a binge, spending spree, or something far more depressing. Throw it away, and get on with your life today!

I Double Dare You

Remember that game we used to play as children?
Whether it’s just getting a manicure or changing your hair color, just a little something new or different can create a brand-new mind-set. Oh yes, of course, you can always change it back if you don’t like it. But you may love the new you and wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!


Drawings are our subconscious speaking to us.
Take a pencil or crayon, and draw a picture of yourself.
Ask yourself what your drawing says about you.

  1. 1. Did you take up the whole page?
  2. 2. Are you in the corner?
  3. 3. Are any of your body parts missing?
  4. 4. Are you wearing clothes?
  5. 5. What kinds of clothes are you wearing?
  6. 6. Are you wearing shoes?
  7. 7. Are any of your body parts out of proportion?
  8. 8. What would you name your drawing?


Whenever I speak to groups or work with clients, I often use this self-test. It reveals what we need to know in order to change our image and esteem issues.

The most evidential self-portrait results were the ones done by teenagers and homemakers reentering the workplace. They were most likely to draw themselves without body parts, grotesque bodies, or as being practically invisible, taking up only a small corner of the page.


Source: The World’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets – Diane Irons

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