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Fantastic Lips-Art Makeup by Laura Jenkinson


It is only once in a lifetime that you come across an artist that captures both your mind and imagination (Lips-Art Makeup). Laura Jenkinson, a young and ever-so-talented makeup artist, Laura has proven she is much more than just a makeup artist she is a creative genius. One of Laura’s most ingenious projects is her lip art designs that capture everything from animals to beloved Disney characters. thanks to her flawless and life-like recreations of some of Disney’s favorite characters.

Laura’s most recent Disney lips-art creation memorializes the recently departed Robin Williams with an Aladdin tribute. Laura’s clever lips-art technique perfectly captures the characters she paints as she includes her own lips, teeth, and even her tongue to enhance her art. She is definitely pioneering an entirely new and fresh avenue for face painting while taking it to a new and very impressive level. Laura’s talent is not confined to face painting though; she is a masterful artist as well, having produced beautiful paintings of women mainly using make-up. Laura is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the world with a body of spectacular work that is sure to keep millions entertained and enchanted for a long time to come. You can rest assured we are going to keep a close eye on what Laura gets up to in the future, so expect to read and see much more on her at Stylish Life.

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