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Author: Charlotte

Beauty & Makeup adviser, I was self-taught, influenced by magazines and what I saw on the people around me.
[nextpage title=”1″ ] The Moroccan Argan oil has many cosmetic virtues. Used for centuries by Berber women, argan oil is known for its great nourishing properties. Where is she from ? What are the benefits of argan oil on the skin, hair and nails? How to use it? Michel de Sarrieu, member of the scientific committee of Fleurance Nature, tells […]
Julie Nisbet is an avid runner and mother who lives in Shildon, England.Recently, she participated in an Ultra Runner Marathon where she ran 69 miles in 21 hours. That’s a lot of miles. She started her 69-mile ran at 7 a.m. without any sunscreen, but once she got her first pause at 10 a.m., she […]
 Lipsticks have three basic components: 1. Pigment: Determines the color. 2. Emollients: Carry the pigment to the lips. 3. Waxes: Give the lipstick its shape. Choose the best formula! Safety tips – Keep container lids and caps tightly closed. – Keep all applicators clean. – Store eye makeup at room temperature. – Don’t let cosmetics […]
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